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Agriculture & Food Export

Important: due to COVID-19 this division is undergoing extra review procedures.

Giving locals a Global Marketplace to trade their quality exports

We connect East and West food suppliers with global buyers to create opportunities that extend their distribution and boost international business growth.

Food Export
We are the bridge
We help suppliers and experienced exporters to create long-term global business with programs and services that ease the legal and cultural process.
Stay focused
We support the process so that you can stay focused on your export goals and business activities.
Ready for import and export
We have both sides of the trade, whether you need providers or if you want to provide high quality agricultural products and food.

A different way to connect with the East.

Our long standing vision is to facilitate the communication and legal procedures with Eastern Cultures to create business opportunities between East and West that are product and/or service centered overcoming culutural boundaries and delivering a simple workflow that would create a long term business growth and relation.

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