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Roadmap to our method

What to expect before we
start doing business together

The following roadmap has a general series of steps that will give you a general idea of the process we follow to establish a business contract.

1. Determine

Your Division,
Country & Region

To be able to offer the right solution we need to know where you are and what you are trading with us.

2. Contact

Your nearest

Check our Global Network listing or write us an email to global@taihecompany.com in case you are not sure who.

3. Review

The general

Take note of the following steps, we'll request your information accordingly:

Enrollment Process
4. Your Presentation Card

Have ready a small presentation of the Company where you consider general information, the products you sell and their general characteristics.

5. Chek the Offer

We'll evaluate the information, assign a representative to talk to. If the informatio goes through it will undergo an analysis process.

6. You'll get our LOI

When we are ready, and the information is analyzed by our lawyers, we'll send you a Letter of Intention to buy the product(s) you offer.

7. Make a Coporate Quote

When you have the LOI in your hands, be ready to make a Corporate Quaote and submit back to us.

8. Contract Issuing

After the quote is approved, we'll require a contract to review and sign.

And get ready to start trading.

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