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Daoist Priest Yun Xiang Tseng

Daoist Priest Yun Xiang Tseng

Longmen 25th generation Daoist Priest Yun Xiang Tseng better known in the West as Wudang Chen
Vice Chairman of Asia Pacific Exchange & Cooperation Foundation.

This Company is conceived on the Dao of Business. I firmly believe that business can be conducted in a honorable, sincere and spirit-to-contract way. Always searchig to be fair, respectful to each other, therefore, every person, business unit, shareholder, venture or project is likely to be part of this way.

Tai He Holding Group Company believe in Fair Trade values and offers the potential for growth to its shareholders by building commercial strategies in uniting trading companies, from different market divisions, with an ethical social and economical awareness - allowing for prosperity throughout our partnerships both at the individual level and company-wide.

The strategy of Tai He Holding Group Company works to consolidate the market position of its four divisions: Energy & Fuel, Agriculture, Green Technology and IT Research by establishing and maintaining solid long term contracts. We envision growing along with the economy while we continue to provide leading technology products such as our clean energy solutions, turnkey projects, and the support for fair trading between Business-to-Business across Countries and evolving into a strong bridge between the East and West.

The strategy of Tai He Holding Group Company is to continuously seek opportunities to participate in petroleum, natural gas, green technology and alternative sources of energy, taking advantage of the business ventures deriving from the energy sector reforms.

The IT division works to develop projects and find new ventures that operate at the greatest speed and efficiency possible. With leading edge technology, and the highest standards of quality, we ensure cost-effective results in large-scale works and projectswhile aiming to create a beneficial impact, both sociologically and economically in the communities in which we are involved. We constantly observe guidelines to reduce negative environmental impact.

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