Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy


To contribute in a Fair Trade Market to promote wealth creation.

Our long-standing vision has been to bypass the usual trading structures, and move forward with a more sophisticated yet simple network of business-to-business connections that would create a long-term relationship and a wealth creation cycle for the parties involved, including the region where they are located.

We know that trading strategy starts with mutual respect, open collaboration and active cooperation.

The strategy of The Tai He Company is to consolidate the market position of its four divisions: Energy & Fuel, Food, Green Technology and IT Research by establishing and maintaining solid long-term contracts. We envision growing along with the economy while we continue to provide leading technology products such as our clean energy solutions, turnkey projects, and the support for fair trading between Business-to-Business across Countries and evolving into the strongest bridge between the East and West.

Join East & West

We work connecting companies within North America, Latin America, China, Far East, Hong Kong and Macao, enhancing business opportunites between our clients by creating a transparent legal and cultural exchange.

Fair Trade

Promote business among companies that share our social and ecofriendly approach to business so that the benefits expand throught the companies, workers and the region they are located at.

Collaborative Growth

Trading with us means that wealth and growth is a constant result for all parties involved making business in a respectful, responsible way.

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