Mineral Trading


Important: Iron ore trading opportunities are available.

We are the bridge between East and West

Thanks to a dedicated mining industry and the Tai He Holding Group framework, we are able to export more than 140 MT a month of minerals to Eastern Countries from the West and create long lasting partnerships and ventures.

Beyond providing a significant source of revenue to state and local governments, Tai He Holding Group supports communities through contributions to educational initiatives and local charities, like Dao USA, and invest in Green Technology and other socially responsible agenda, to help keep the balance of revenue and ecofriendly resposibilities.

Metallic Minerals

More than 140 MT a month is export and we are looking forward to grow.

We seek
To join ventures

with companies that have the same respectiful business orientation.

Welath to all parties

Distribution of the wealth to bring growth to all the parties and regions that are involve.


If you have Iron Ore exporting possibilities

We are interested in creating business opportunities with you.

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