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In a more efficient and trustful way.

Our vision in the Energy & Fuel division is to help companies acquire and sell their liquid petroleum gas and oil in a safe, responsible and trustful way.

We are


To green tech

We are committed with more efficent technology.

  • Trading of LPG will diminish in the years to come

  • Ongoing contracts are safe and steady

  • Resources resulting from this transactions will support Green Tech ventures.

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We are committed to

Find the adequate provider
Finding companies with high quality products and commitment.
Find Safe Harbors
We buy and also scout for responsible aware partners, with the same trustworhty standards and ideals.
Long Term Agreements
Develop long-term business models so we can help create wellness and wealth for the region and the parties involved.
More Ecofriendly
Our midterm strategy and vision is to finally migrate and support green technology. So our trading will continue to on a Green Technology approach better than the fossil fuel.

All our projects share our vision

We share across all of our platforms and business divisions the same passion, respect and long-term relationships with all our clients, venture and trading partners. Therefore, Tai He Holding Group Company Energy & Fuel Division is always looking to grow with and benefit all the projects and regions where we collaborate.

At this moment, we mainly trade LPG.

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