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To provide cleaner energy solutions

Our Green Tech Division is committed to provide cleaner energy solutions in different areas like automotive, batteries, solar power and supporting new projects through a "Go To Market" strategy.

Green Batteries
Import & Export

Of Green Tech Solutions in a Global scope level.

Green Tech: Green Life
Unifying East and West
Trading with North America, Latin America, China, Far East, Hong Kong and Macao, we enhance business opportunities between our clients by creating a transparent legal and cultural exchange.
Collaborative Growth
Trading with us means that wealth and growth is a constant result for all parties involved, conducting business in a respectful, responsible way with supporting technology and contributing to reduce climate change.
"Go To Market"
One of the most important contributions to the field is helping new developments and projects with a "Go To Market" Strategy so efficient, new technology has a wider scope to provide energy benefits and Global carbon emission reduction.
Proud Funders of

Marshall Energy Inc.

The solution to the power problems of the world. Marshall Energy is fossil free, nuclear free, pollutant free – providing pure green stable sustainable innovative private and grid capacity electric -for energy companies and or private asset power supply around the world.

Proud Funders of

Qu-Bit BioHealth

The Qu-BIT 300 is a state-of-the-art wellness device that fuses five subtle energy technologies to restore the Human Bio-field.The Qu-BIT 300 breakthrough bio-infusion technology successfully rechages your body for optimal potential.

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