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State of the Art Technology to promote growth

Our vision has been to transform the usual IT structures and move forward with a sophisticated, yet simple, framework that helps create, manage and develop big data, cryptocurrency and user interactions.


We have a team of high-end developers who will support FAB & ERC20 infrastructure for electronic commerce, stock exchange and NFT transactions.

Smart Contracting

Derived from the expertise of the blockchain, our team is able to create and support the smart contract technology in a descentralized environment.

e-Social learning

With Artificial Intelligence, robust data and power centers and highly motived developers, we are able to provide e-Social learning platforms.

Binding Platforms

We collaborate to help equity and opportunities around the World. We join ventures to bring economic wealth for all the parties and regions involve.

All our projects share our vision

We share across all of our platforms and business divisiones the same passion, respect and long term relationships with all our clients, venture partners and trading partners, therefor Tai He IT Research Group s always looking to grow and bring benefits to all the projects and regions where we create and/or collaborate.

Right now we are hands on in state of the art proects like:

Ulity Foundation
Co-Founding and developing

Mix e-Social Learning Meadia Platform

Dao You
Co-Founding and developing

IT - AI socialy responsible projects

Support and collaborator

Supporting the blockchain technology to grow

Crafting the future with socially responsible IT.

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